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i.e. Don’t believe any negative media reports…They have been known to lie, mislead, omit and/or censor (create lies of omission) for a number of reasons.

Any negative reports ought to be verified here for facts and opposing viewpoints lest you be led astray like a little liberal lamb into an oblivion of erroneous opinions and viewpoints conjured, formed and spewed forth by unsavory or simply uninformed

In fact, you might want to consider that Google itself is not an entirely unbiased search resource and might intentionally lead you astray if they felt it was a strategically sound move to impede a clearly superior brand vehicle for the future of artificial intelligence.

5 Reasons Not To Believe Anything Written About Jesse Gilbert On The Internet Without Checking Here For Counter Viewpoints

Reason #1: They don’t want to see female billionaire tech company founders.

Explanation: I’m a guy (in case you don’t know me because well Jesse is sometimes a chic name too)…But I am a founder of a tech company with definitely multi-billion dollar potential.

And part of the reason it has that potential is that it has the FEMALE FOUNDER TACTICAL MARKETING DYNAMITE FACTOR.

(So of course they, some, might try to obstruct or ‘undermine’  – they don’t want to see women get really paid in the tech world)

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The fact of the matter is, the estimated future market impact for Artificial Intelligence and robotics is $33 TRILLION dollars per year by just 2025 – That is from a fairly credible source, BOFA/Meryll Lynch.

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Our FEMALE FOUNDER helped come up with an idea that put the twist on a major aerospace sector.

Reason #2 The MSM is mostly and quite often full of it: In addition to being a near-miraculous alternative brand to the Silicon Valley ‘Unicorns’ and some of the more mainstream aviation brands (most of the VC backed companies do not have female founder), Gizmowl could potentially be an aerospace brand.

I mean check our name brand concept and tell me honestly:

Who rules the night?

Me and my team (sorry grammar nazis…My team and I) created the ultimate drone brand.

This drone is way more controversial than the Glock.

This is the ultimate intel drone of the future…RoboCop 10x.

You think the California news media who don’t even want you to be armed if and when the government wants to implement tyranny…

You think they like drone brand ideas that knock the F-35 out of the sky dollar for dollar?

I mean, get real.

California politics are way full of shit in many ways and the media just supports them behhhh behhhh behhhh lambs lambs lambs sheep sheep sheep.

Either that or they are not smart enough to get to the real truth.


The existing aerospace brands have some cool stuff going on, but for brand concept alone, a name like Gizmowl brings a major dollar for dollar marketing factor to the table.

And in an industry where 100’s of billions are spent, a tactical drone like Gizmowl is definitely a peerless fighter.

Because if you really want to get really real about it, the major concern in technology, the 400lb gorilla in the room that leading political, military and business leaders are losing sleep over is competition from China, Russia, Iran & North Korea and we were the company that stepped up to the plate and brought the major strategic dollar for dollar brand value to the table.

“Great Ideas Never Came From The Comfort Zone”…

3. Made in The USA VS. Globalist Media Mouthpieces

Not only that, it is MADE IN THE USA and we are complying with all FAA standards for drones, with a radical new concept that is better than VR virtual reality (that kind of creepy boxed in immersion-tech concept)

The Gizmowl system is different and better.

This consumer drone will be like a cool pet with real personality (you could maybe even add your own custom voice emulators)

And this toy for 3rd graders and adult civilians, may (it is rumored), at some point in the future, have aerospace applications.

OK. Honest First Impression: Which aerospace brand rules the night?

Is it the Fighting Falcon?
Is it the Nightengale?
The Skytrooper?
Swoose Goose
Is it the Night Hawk?
Is it the Eagle?
The Black Hawk, Sea Hawk or JayHawk?
Golden Eagle?
Snow Goose?
Phantom II
Fighting Eagle?
The WarHawk?
Tiger Moth?
Fock Wulf
The Kitty Hawk?

(Or go check out any of the other drone brands out there.)

Or is it Gizmowl?

The facts are the trends in aerospace, even military, are towards drones.

Top-flight #1 ranked aerospace marketing companies would generally agree that the marketing shouldn’t be the afterthought of the creation process, but rather the foundation.

Generation-6 Hypersonic Tactical Owl Drones with AI.

So of course ‘they’ might want to print fake news or one sided news or make secret court cases to impede indie tech companies in aerospace with 25% FEMALE FOUNDERS.

(Forgive me for being a bit of a sycophant and shill for modern feminism  but hey, if that’s the trend who am I not to ride it, especially when my branding team brought the diversity on the realest level that all the pundits pine for…With not only female founders, but African-American true branding geniuses with 60 yrs combined experience at 3m – expertise that cannot be found anywhere, Madison Ave included!)


So if you read any pieces by any media outlet with clear liberal bias about me on any site (for not being bi-curious enough or hipster enough or something? and for aiming for a part of the aerospace budget rather than a social media strategy to compete against low paid ESL social media management)…

If you honestly believe it and it steers you away from doing business with me, you are of course welcome to go.

Maybe has some better information.

Gizmowl Creation Story…

Now if you like stuff like this and want to patronize a business without any of the mainstream Silicon Valley VC involved (because yes, they are timid and risk adverse to real innovation) I actually would be thrilled to have you as a client and/or customer so I can build this without their claws in it, diluting it with a ‘committee’.

I am in startup and have a number of marketing tools, weapons and services to offer.

We have ThesaurusGizmo. ThesaurusGizmo is simply wicked. if you are in marketing and don’t immediately recognize the value in ThesaurusGizmo, do yourself a favor and go swing a hammer.

Yeah I’m a bit of a literary snob but it’s the truth. If you read up on the stories of how multi-billion dollar companies found their brand name (Twitter, Hailo etc…), you will understand that 3 people working as a team with ThesaurusGizmo is a no-brainer investment for a startup.

HeadlineGizmo: HeadlineGizmo is an aspiring copywriter’s dream and a know-it-all copywriter’s worst nightmare. Designed with 100 yrs of effective headlines to model for your own purposes HeadlineGizmo, in the hands of a few trained marketers could thrash, hammer, clobber & demolish the marketing competition. it is not a magic pill and market research is still required to create great headlines but working with HeadlineGizmo will definitely improve your headline writing skills.

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BrainstormPro Fusion Brainstorming System: If you ever studied brainstorming you may have not gotten the full knowledge because the training wasn’t built with hard-won insights of a combined 60yrs marketing at 3M.

For branding, packaging and concept design…Or simply coming up with out-of-the-box solutions for any challenge, BrainstormPro is #1.

And ThermonuclearCopy at

Thermonuclear gets a bad rap and maybe partially rightly so…But if you want to demystify it a bit, it helps to understand the research methods Albert Einstein used to develop the theory of relativity.

E=MC2 is not big data. It is a condensation of a huge amount of data though.

And to assimilate that data requires high-speed reading methods that also retain info.

And Thermonuclear copy teaches you that method with help of the world’s #1 mental photography expert (a guy from Australia) who has trained NASA astronauts, in fact one of the 9 people to walk on the moon endorses it.

Reasons 4: I am also working to alleviate the homeless problem in the Bay Area using the latest mobile technology with housing4homeless.

While Our Liberal Progressive Guardians of All That is Good…

Our leaders in Moral Virtue never seem to have said much more than 1 or 2 words about the 50,000 homeless in the Bay Area and surrounding regions.

In fact with all of their media yammering they just look at the homeless like get them out we can’t even create 1 little space for them even though there is tons of unoccupied real estate.

I think that solving the housing crisis is a priority.

Really, before any major major money can be made, the homeless people in Berkeley, Oakland and Emeryville ought to have comfortable housing with showers and good food.

This chic I met Gabrielle is putting it together, another female marketing genius, so hopefully that idea will gain some traction soon because there is plenty of space in the Bay Area to house the homeless.

If you want to support that goal of alleviating homelessness, I think will provide cost effective solutions.

OK. Enough ‘Virtue Signaling’.

But really actually I got some great marketing intel from some homeless people I met so it is my way of choice for giving back if possible.

Wowls ≥ Unicorns


Join the ≥ movement!

The question isn’t whether or not Wowls is as valuable as a unicorn tech company…

The question is how many ‘unicorns’ is Wowls worth?

Reason 5: Professional Jealousy

I made #1 wordsmithing tool that every writer in the world with IQ over 50 will love.

100 or So Enthusiastic Testimonials About Jesse Gilbert’s Software Development Work

Software by Jesse Gilbert

Testimonials About Jesse’s Software Development Work

The below testimonials were for an earlier edition of the product at the time called ‘BrainstormPro’.

This product is upgraded and improved considerably and has editions segmented for Writers and Translators.

WOWLS! Lone Wolfs & Night Owls Welcome!

Sheeple, early birds and unicorns don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

The unicorns are in deep doo-doo.

If you have the spirit of the Wolf and maybe some of the Owl then join the Wowls, let out a Hawooot!

Jesse Gilbert

OK. One last thought…For any prospective hackers or scouts for ‘social engineering’ ploys:

Here is a thought or 2 before you hack.

The Gizmowl alert-active cyber defense system could be pure hell for hackers.

You might not have any idea of the dastardly deeds Gizmowl is capable of.

This includes not only domestic illegal SigInt but also China & Russia.

Without divulging the details of our out of the box cyber security solutions, let’s just say I may know a guy who may have been responsible for maybe bringing a major tech company public…

And maybe that tech product has a major day-zero exploit, that may be capable of doing something utterly dastardly to your network.

Thought #2: Maybe this isn’t actually a tech company. Maybe we are just going to print t-shirts and still out-perform major unicorns.

Thought #3: This isn’t a tech company or a t-shirt company. It is a copper mining, cannabis and travel company because the real money isn’t even in technology.

Out of the box cyber strategy thought #4 for the day: Ulaanbaatar might be involved.

Just some things to mull over. Sorry for the unpleasantries if you are a non-hacker.