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Don’t believe the mainstream media reports – They lie, omit and censor for a number of reasons.

Reason #1: They don’t want to see female billionaire tech company founders.

Explanation: I’m a guy (in case you don’t know me because well Jesse is sometimes a chic name too)…But I did create a crazy tech company with definitely multi-billion dollar potential.


I’m the only guy in technology seriously working to create FEMALE BILLIONAIRE TECH COMPANY FOUNDERS.

(So of course the weaklings be tryin to hate and to troll – they don’t want to see women get paid in the tech world)

Oh they are tiresome. I will tell you about the trolls if you get on my newsletter (which is BTW pretty much top of the line for the internet)

You can read about what I’m doing here:

I’m working to build the best tech company ever with substantial FEMALE FOUNDER LEVEL OWNERSHIP and by all objective criteria, our first software is amazing.

Check out ThesaurusGizmo on the WOWLS site to see how we hacked Microsoft (legally) for about 1 billion dollars in unused digital assets (the great language packs installed on over 100 million PC’s)

You can read the testimonials on this site from Beta Testers and customers and even download it for yourself to try

Reason #2 The MSM is full of shit: In addition to being a badass alternative brand to these lamified Silicon Valley ‘Unicorns’, Wowls could potentially be a military or aerospace brand.

I mean check our name brand concept and tell me honestly:

Who rules the night? Gizmowl or Lockheed Skunkworks?

Gizmowl eats skunks regularly.

The existing aerospace brands have some cool stuff going on, but for brand concept alone, a name like Gizmowl brings a major dollar for dollar marketing factor to the table.

And in an industry where 100’s of billions are spent, a tactical drone like Gizmowl is definitely a prize fighter.

I live the lonely but intellectually stimulating life of a indie tactical thermo-nuclear weapons developer.

For all the hysterical liberal shitheads out there who will try to snitch, I have to be clear I do not have, nor am I illegally pursuing, any ‘fissile or radiological materials’.

Rather, I am building a consumer drone that will be like a cool pet with real personality (you could maybe even add a George Carlin like voice emulator)…

And this toy for 3rd graders and adult civilians, may (it is rumored), at some point in the future, have military applications.

Because get real: Who rules the night?

Is it Skunkworks?
Is it the F-16 Fighting Falcon?
Is it Boeing?
Is it Douglas?
Is it Northrop Gruman?
Is it the Nightengale?
The Skytrooper?
Swoose Goose
Is it the Night Hawk?
Is it the Eagle?
The Black Hawk, Sea Hawk or JayHawk?
Golden Eagle?
Snow Goose?
Phantom II
Fighting Eagle?

Or is it Gizmowl? It is Gizmowl Tactical Thermonuclear Owl Drones and the WOWL! Drone Fleet…Right?

Generation 6 Hypersonic Tactical THERMONUCLEAR Exploding Owl Drones.

SHHHHH! Don’t tell anyone…The bomb is in the owl!

We can talk about the politics of it later. Don’t worry, I don’t have a superficial MSM view of what is good and what is evil.

Of course they want to print fake news or one sided news or make secret court cases to block me from entering the aerospace game as an indie tech company owner with 25% FEMALE FOUNDERS.

That’s why I’m recruiting female cyber warriors who think the MSM and the mainstream tech companies are mostly full of shit.

So if you read any B.S. hit pieces by MSM trash with moderated comments and liberal bias about me on any site, if you honestly believe it and it steers you away from doing business with me, you are welcome to go, you are probably a lib anyways (and butt ugly) and I would die homeless on the streets before I promote AIDS with the rest of these Unicorn tools.

For principled middle of the path tech developers (both male and female) who have a high enough IQ to see past the MSM and want to keep it real, then I invite you to check out the Gizmowl creation story (90 second video)…

Now if you like stuff like this and want to patronize a business without any of the stinky Silicon Valley VC involved, I actually would be thrilled to have you as a customer.

I am in startup and have a number of weapons and services to offer.

We have ThesaurusGizmo
BrainstormPro Fusion Brainstorming System
And ThermonuclearCopy at

My target market is middle of the path and conservatives because I don’t want to put my talents to use to promote HIV like these other snickering fools who will probably have warped children from the society they are creating.

Gizmowl aims to eventually be a top of the line white owl drone that is lighter, faster and better…A combined work of art and drone that has intelligent personality.

Machined with 3d printers and probably produced in the Emeryville / Oakland industrial zone.

Wowls! are greater than or equal to Unicorns.

Wowls ≥ Unicorns

Join the ≥ movement! The greatest movement in the history of technology!

The only thing better than a unicorn in hi-tech is a Wowl! is the AI, Robotics, Animation and Apps superbrand of the future!


100 or So Enthusiastic Testimonials About Jesse Gilbert’s Software Development Work

Software by Jesse Gilbert

Testimonials About Jesse’s Software Development Work

The below testimonials were for an earlier edition of the product at the time called ‘BrainstormPro’.

This product is upgraded and improved considerably and has editions segmented for Writers and Translators.

More coming soon…

Lone Wolfs & Night Owls Welcome!

Sheeple don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

If you have the spirit of the Wolf and maybe some of the Owl then join the Wowls, let out a Hawooot! and let us break bread and make bread.

There’s plenty of Unicorns to hunt and their thighs sure are juicy!

After we sever their magical horn, all your financial ailments will be healed.

Jesse Gilbert