Artificial Intelligence Investment 2018

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“I’m Telling You, The First*Trillionaires*are going to come from someone who masters this technology. It’s just going to blow everything away… Someone is going to create something that no one has conceived of before.” – Self-made billionaire*Mark Cuban*

A Once In A Lifetime Chance To Ride The Multi-Trillion Dollar Wave of Artificial Intelligence Wealth Generation…

(In millions so*each of these market segments for AI represents thousands of millions i.e. billions)

If you are a marketing warrior looking for an angle on the multi-trillion dollar A.I. market then read this all carefully!

Artificial Intelligence Is Being Increasingly Talked About In The News And Among the Hi-Tech Elite

With Estimated That Disruptive technologies will yield $14 to $33 trillion in annual economic impact by 2025…

“If you create a breakthrough in this field it is*worth 10 Microsofts…If I were starting out today and looking for the same kind of opportunity to make a big impact in the world…[Numer] One is artificial intelligence.*-*Bill Gates

“It blows me away. If I am this close to it and it is blowing me away then it is really going to blow other people away.” -*Elon Musk

A recent Bank of America/Merrill Lynch report predicts that robots will be performing 45 percent of manufacturing tasks by 2025, compared to just 10 percent today.

The report stated:

‘We estimate the current robots and the AI solutions market at $153 billion by 2020, including $83 billion for robots, and $70 billion for AI-based analytics. Disruptive technologies will yield $14 to $33 trillion in annual economic impact by 2025 through cost reductions and efficiency gains.*

Early adoption will be a key comparative advantage, while those that lag in investment will see their competitiveness slip.’ ” -Robotics Business Review

The Wall Street Journal says it will be*the next industrial revolution.

“It’s hard to overstate how big an impact it will have on society over the next 20 years” -*Jeff Bezos

The Economist says “It will reshape humanity’s future.”

How Are You Preparing for The Future of A.I.?

Are you thinking*strategically*on how to get the maximum financial benefit from this trend that will define the future of technology?

Personally I think the way to go is to team up with a group of people in coordinated marketing of new developments in a consumer friendly packaging and that is what this WSO potentially offers.

After all, most marketers don’t have access to major investment capital or to the type of data that companies like Google and Facebook have to program their AI apps.

“Imagination is one of the last remaining legal means you have to gain an unfair advantage over your competition.” ~ Ed McCabe

That’s where this WSO comes in…

Hi my name is Jesse Gilbert.

My company BrainstormPro has produced a couple of new AI character concepts that are getting enthusiastic reviews from over 100 people – Including a top animator at Pixar…

And also gains immediate attention and generates response from others I’ve shown it to, such as newsletter subscribers.

The reason is, I spent years doing in depth research on the history of technology, warfare, psychology, copywriting, brand development etc…

Not only that, I worked extensively in the fields of*brainstorming…

I studied*hundreds of websites about the brainstorming process*including studies at major universities and the application of brainstorming in the marketing process.

I even created my own brainstorming tool that allows you to take advantage of hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars worth of unused assets sitting on millions of PC’s around the world.

(I will explain this software later – It is now beta tested with over 100 enthusiastic reviews from writers in a variety of fields – As part of this deal you can resell the software and potentially make 5x or more the amount you’d spend on this WSO.)

What I’ve done is create something very original that is the result of master level wordsmithing and group brainstorming past the level of exhaustion with one of the top branding geniuses in the entire United States.

Fusion Brainstorming – It Can Be Brutal!

The process to develop this theme took months of mental grappling with a 30 yr veteran marketer for 3M – The company that employs the most Ph.D’s in the United States.

You know…The guys who take complex inventions from physicists and chemists and make them accessible via branding and marketing even to 3rd graders…

Just for reference – I trained martial arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for about 4 yrs and I also met 2 guys who fought in the real Kumite (and trained privately with one of them).

If you ever saw the Jean Claude Van Damme movie, Bloodsport, that was based on a real story about brutal underground fights that took place on private properties way before the UFC became popular.


In all of my martial arts training and grappling, none of it was really as difficult as the brainstorming process I went through to arrive at this brandname.

It was hard mental work – exhausting and full of brutal rejections of idea after idea…

It’s an entire story of it’s own and it would take some time.

Anyways – my point is I take life seriously, I read a lot and seek out masters in different fields and this work is the culmination of studying a lot.

Imagination (and knowledge of history) along with writing skills is probably my biggest asset so I focused in on that with an unrelenting intensity.

What I’ve produced is storyline for a new artificial intelligence character that can rival any comic book hero or animation series from any major studio.

Let Me Tell You A Little Story About*How I Missed*The Last Major Wave In Technology…

The year was about 2004, maybe early 2005.

YouTube was in it’s infancy and I was working on my own…

Building my own websites part time, the other part of the time doing a bit of freelancing.

I was behind on rent and needed some money and I knew a top marketer in my city who was big here on the warrior forum.

I suggested a book theme for YouTube marketing and he hired me to create the salesletter and write the book.

THE EBOOK SOLD 10’s of Thousands of Copies!

The sales letter I wrote got written up on the website of a top legend in copywriting as genius.

I won’t name drop here, but let’s just say this is the copywriter everyone who knows their shit goes gaga for.

However, I could not take any credit for my work as I had signed a ghostwriting contract!

Not only did I produce the first premier book on YouTube marketing with case studies and a grand slam sales letter…

Even today almost 12 yrs later I see people relaunching practically the same product with variations on my winning sales copy.

Here’s What I Learned From My Failure To Capitalize…

A lot of copywriters talk about the power of copy…

And copywriting along with strategy is important without a doubt…

But it also really, really helps to be in a hot market on the verge of seeing major breakthroughs in popularity…

Like YouTube was 12 yrs ago.

That’s the reason I’ve worked so hard – the best opportunities have to be capitalized on at the right time and this is one of them…

“One industry after another is falling under (AI’s) spell” MIT Technology Review

Today that opportunity is here again…But this time it is probably going to be bigger than YouTube.

The reason so many are falling under the AI spell is because AI is something humans have sought after in one way or another for centuries…Even thousands of years.

Studies of ancient cultures even show, at times, a sort of obsession with ‘automaton’ – Interactive, intelligent machines.

No major corporation has a monopoly on AI and there are plenty of people out there developing new concepts and advancing the knowledge.

Even though the AI search functions in Google, Facebook and Amazon are pretty slick and drive massive profits…

It hasn’t all been done yet in AI there are a lot of key components missing,*especially in branding, packaging and marketing.

If you doubt that, consider this:

Russia has some amazing minds that have produced outstanding AI products that failed to take off, probably due in large part to the lack of hardcore marketing traditions at the core of American culture:

“Russia is awful at commercializing and promoting technological advances. Prisma, an AI application that literally redrew photos to make them look like paintings by a number of famous artists, took post-Soviet countries by storm last year and won some interest in the U.S. but failed to become a global phenomenon. “*- source:

But they do know how to make AI that works with lethal effects on the battlefield!

And Vladmir Putin has gone on record as saying:

“Whoever becomes the leader in this sphere will become the ruler of the world.”*

After seeing Putin’s comments, SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted that “competition for AI superiority at national level (is the) most likely cause of WW3.”

Some high ranking officials and military experts in the states are nervous…

“Though never before stated so frankly by a head of state, Putin’s views on AI are increasingly shared by national security leaders in the United States, China and around the world. ” CNN

Breakthrough marketing and distribution concepts are needed to effectively sell advances in AI and staying ahead of the race.

Because face it: With all the talk about the dangers of AI,*no one is stepping back now!

This is simply human nature, the lust for power and cold hard capitalism.

There is room for idealism and personality in AI but it is what it is.

If you are on the ‘WARRIOR FORUM’ I think it is appropriate to say that this may actually turn in to a war, at least on the marketing front, possibly in actual physical conflicts.

If the shit actually goes down, wouldn’t you at least want to have the inside track on a top level A.I. product and be working with a group of people as freedom fighters who are not owned by any government or military and who are profit driven?

What we’ve come up with is potentially the BOMB from a marketing perspective.


There is likely money to be made here…

And one major competitive advantage I can bring is in branding.

After missing the last wave I learned from my mistake and have been preparing for this one for years.

What I believe is needed is an outstanding character that can appeal to millenials, youth and really anyone of any age.

An AI superhero*that is cute enough to appeal to hipsters and children, and potentially nasty enough to grab the attention of military budget spending for a group that wants (or even desperately needs) the right packaging and deployment strategy (which is integrated due to the cultural theme).


This is confirmed by hardware building experts such as Andrew ‘Bunnie’ Huang who are well acquainted with industrial manufacturing in China.

“Even if your product passes all validation tests with flying colors, it still may not be successful if consumers don’t use it. Remember, sex sells…Apple devices command a hefty premium in part because of their slick industrial design”*- Andrew Huang

We’ve made a major breakthrough in the realm of AI branding that can potentially be used in animated feature films, comic books and video games (also lunch boxes, t-shirts, etc…)

Meet Gizmowl!

Professor by day:

Super stealth drone with hypersonic rocket boosters by night…

The othr brand I nailed down through my brainstorming process is WOWLS!

This is a mythological creature and may make for a popular game on the level of Angry Birds with a bit of help.

It is original and I devised the storyline after studies of conflicts in the middle ages, around 1200 CE.

Specifically, Genghis Khan.

The general idea is to take some of that story and strategy and apply it to hi-tech marketing, so in essence, I’m forming a ‘Great Dark Horde’ for the future of AI and marketing.

Yes. Brand warfare.

And who better to model than the millennium man himself, the mighty Chingis.

I really hope at least a few marketing warriors here are familiar with the history and can appreciate the concept.

We’ve taken the opposite tack that of most of the major tech corporations…*

Instead of focusing specifically on the technology and big data, we have created the characters that can bring it all to life and appeal to audiences of all ages around the world – even potentially 3rd graders…

A theme that can encompass a number of new and emerging technologies in Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality, AI, Robotics, Drones & educational technology.

While it may take a few years for the individual components to mature so that we can mass produce this as possibly an actual talking, flying robot, at least we nailed down a practically unbeatable name brand for future technology.*

Gizmo + Owl = GIZMOWL!
Wow! + Owls = WOWLS!

Think about it:

Owls are majorly popular now from movies like Harry Potter and from cult classics like Clash of the Titans (where there was a robotic intelligent owl called Bubo).

And any apps you product, for success, have to have the WOW! factor.

With these, it is built right in to the brand name.

In fact we are already seeing people producing funny memes from our product and are potentially sitting on a major viral marketing craze that could appeal to a huge sector with a lot of money.

We’ve solved one of the major, major problems that even huge companies with big data assets have:

Packaging & branding.

I don’t think any of them will ever beat Gizmowl and Wowls! for pith that encompasses the entire theme of AI and robotics – And it was something that I don’t think any machine will ever reproduce.

With our brand, thousands of people can*potentially contribute to the brains of the brand and have fun doing it.

Yeah we want money but we’re trying to bring a little humanity and personality – even real human wisdom to the entire theme.

But make no mistake – Real wisdom is also has an element of danger and Gizmowl is profit focused for a major emerging sector…

Gizmowl is ancient…

He always existed and was among the first beings during the creation.

At times during the history of the universe he remained mostly hidden…

He was there whispering to great inventors of the past as they labored away in private, building inventions and products that changed the course of history…

Make some of them vast fortunes…

And now at the crucial time in history he has made his appearance on the global stage and could alter the course of human history and be a decisive factor in ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE ARMAGEDDON!

How You Could Capitalize On The Multi-Trillion Dollar Emergence of New Technologies in AI, Augmented Reality, Hardware, Software, Holograms & Drones….

If you’ve looked at the robots and the names of the AI personalities they’ve created (say on crowdfunding sites), most of them are very mediocre.

The robots lack personality, and the voice assistants on many devices aren’t really phenomenal from a marketing and branding viewpoint.

Obviously a lot of coding expertise went into them,*but they are missing a key component, the brand.

In this manner it may be possible for Gizmowl to gobble up a bunch of smaller companies, spit out their bones like a little owl pellet, and then integrate their best technology into what I believe to be a superior brand.

We have potential for a great gaming theme and for film.

Cue: The Rolling Stones – Gimme Shelter

Picture Gizmowl is flying through the sky somewhere in the far east…

A ground soldier fires an RPG…

Gizmowl catches it in his claws and short circuits it…

Redirecting it at a tank that explodes in a fireball of carnage.

Next a swarm of weaponized quad copters come – They’re programmed to attack some ground troops and are very lethal – capable of killing a human by detecting the helmet outline and penetrating the skull…

Gizmowl let’s out an EMP owl shriek and destroys the entire swarm.

Next a larger fighter jet is flying near the stratosphere at Mach 5…

Gizmowl does a hypersonic rocket boost to catch up to it an destroys it’s wing with a lazer shot sending it tumbling into the abyss.

What is Gizmowl’s final target?

Another artificial intelligence development program?

A uranium enrichment facility buried under 300 meters of concrete that requires stealth and hallway navigation to reach the core reactor?

Or is the enemy within?

We don’t know yet, there is a lot of disinformation.

This gaming project is based on studies of top game narrative designers like Evan Skolnick and I’m exploring serious game design groups such as The International Game Developers Association.

This project could make for outstanding animation sequences that appeal to an entire generation.

Perhaps part of the revenues will come from satire – Or, best case scenario – We rally a bunch of people (some of who are disaffected in the world) and actually put together a highly competitive robot.

But is it all war?


Gizmowl is also capable of romantic acts and things that resemble love for his human friends…

This is a combo civilian / military AI product concept that aims to capture a substantial share of the future A.I. market simply with 1st rate branding.

It may sound simplistic and there are extremely smart people in robotics and aerospace but everyone has to start somewhere and why not start of with a wicked cool brand name?

Solving the brand identity crisis is a major major challenge – That is confirmed even by someone like George Berkowski who made a billion dollar app with Hailo and wrote the book ‘How To Build A Billion Dollar App’.

What I’m saying is that between Gizmowl and Wowls, we have a nearly unbeatable and flexible theme for multiple markets.

I need other marketing rebels and believers…

Hoo Hoo Hoot! Happy Holidays…

One reindeer dead, elves injured when North Pole Management brings in new downsizing

Picture: Siberian White Owl robot flying with an elf in his claws, shooting a laser
out of his 3rd eye to disperse scattering reindeer who protested Santa’s downsizing.

Yeah, it is a bit mean spirited – But then again, Santa is a Coca Cola invention and
no brand is safe from the ire of Gizmowl, the super-intelligent robot who may
actually be produced.

The initial comments I got from people I showed this to, complete strangers is:

“That is so whacked out it is cool.”

“Yeah I’m in.”

People who believe they could be part of something monumental…A multi-billion dollar super-brand.

“The combination of human and artificial intelligence will define humanity’s future”*Bryan Johnson, Founder Braintree (Braintree acquired Venmo in 2012 and was bought by eBay in 2013 for $800 million in cash.)

That’s exactly what Gizmowl does – he combines*the best in human intelligence and artificial intelligence*with a new linguistics based algorithm approach (I can’t tell the specifics of my algorithm which I’m still learning about programming but I assure you the concept will be good)

“Fitting in is a short term strategy. Standing out pays off in the long run” – Seth Godin

Personally, I never fit in with mainstream marketing.

I’ve had to fight a lot of battles because from the start I wanted a brand that could potentially be an aerospace factor (meaning an IM company that may appeal to military budget spending or NASA)…

At the very least Gizmowl is aimed to be a pet owl PDA that perches on the arm like a white owl from the Harry Potter movie.

And most people shy away from it because there are established aerospace and defense giants in the USA who get major major money.

While these companies produce brilliant technologies, what is needed at times is for ways for more people to interact with it via a theme that appeals to people of all ages and backgrounds.

(Lunar exploration robots for example – Like my partner who worked for 3M for 30 yrs said, if a 3rd grader cannot immediately understand it, then it is no good.)

This is hard to do, especially with something like A.I.

The*branding*and design is what can make products sell a billion units.

568 Sales Every Minute!

iPhone became popular by creating the packaging for technologies that mostly existed already…At one point selling 568 per minute.

(That’s nine iPhones sold every second)*

Over the 91 days that works out at 818,329 iPhones a day, or 34,097 every hour, or 568 every minute. That works out at more than nine iPhones sold a second, for every second for the 91-day period. And each of those iPhones sold for an average of $687.*- ZDNet. Jan 27, 2015

“While the iPhone was the first smartphobne to go fully mainstream it wasn’t actually a breakthrough invention in it’s own right…”*- Brian Merchant, The 1 Device: The Secret History of the iPhone

“I really don’t see the iPhone as an invention so much as a compilation of technologies and a success in smart packaging”*says Chris Garcia the curator of the Computer History Museum, the world’s largest collection of computer related artifacts.

I’m not saying this will match the iPhone in terms of quantity – this is a more niche product – But it should drive home the point that technology without a major focus on character, design and interface is useless for marketing and profits.

Apple is spending $11.2 billion (magnitudes more than the $150 million it spent on developing the iPhone) on the R&D of a new gadget desinged to be as popular as the iPhone…

It may be ready as soon as next year and it is designed to be the leading device for the current trend towards Augmented Reality…

I’ve looked at some of the applications and I can see this becoming huge.

Apple CEO Tim Cook went on record, comparing this new technology to the coming of the smartphone.

In his own words, it’s going to be “huge” and consumers “won’t be able to live without it.”

The WOWL and Gizmowl brands are designed specifically for this new technology with augmented reality characters.

You might want to get involved with something planning for this before APPLE’S TOP SECRET DEVICE goes mainstream.

It “will be like what the iPhone 10 years ago” and could absolutely dominate consumer tech.

Much like the mobile app revolution made some early adapters millions and billions with mobile apps, this could do the same for some people with a new trend towards augmented reality.

And it’s probably only a matter of time before the mainstream piles in on this opportunity.

I personally believe the brand that makes the technology accessible to the greatest number of people in a fun and interactive way will take the crown and Gizmowl is potentially a front-runner.


This WSO is designed for somewhat independent thinkers who are willing to take a chance and buck the trend in a major way.

You don’t have to be creative, you only have to be willing to say:

‘Yes’ – I want to be a part of a brand that will even take on (dollar for dollar) Ratheon, Boeing & Skunkworks if it ever becomes a real drone.

This product may be a bit contentious because I actually kind of like the idea of making Gizmowl into a superdrone that makes companies and organizations like
Skunkworks, Halliburton and DARPA lose sleep at night over a superior brand name and a highly competitive drone.

No one is safe from Gizmowl!

Whether it is possible or not who knows…

But a lot of it comes down to marketing strategy and if you believe in Gizmowl and aren’t one of these newbies who thinks you can make a few million overnight with some ebook or if you are tired of marketing strategies that put you at the whims of ‘algorithms’ and ‘keywords’ and ‘social media posts’ of other major corporations…

I think we can put together a crack squad and bring it online – The super-geeks who can put it all together we can find later if we build a little following.

If you are a marketer who has ever wanted to go after major markets with a sleek iPhone like concept for both the upscale gadgets sector and possibly military, this is the WSO for you.

If you’re ready for something like this I don’t think you’ll ever find a better brand name to be a part of than Gizmowl and WOWLS!.

Gizmowl and Wowls! are potentially the premier branding solution for a host of new technologies on the horizon.

–And why should anyone get so bent out of shape about a multi purpose product that could be a weapon (if we do it legally as the project develops)?

Personally I see military technology as an extension of the martial arts so if you train boxing or kick boxing or jiu jitsu or whatver and seek out better trainers at the best price really it may be similar with super hi-tech weaponry.

People just get scared by impressive pictures but even these companies have major major design, engineering and branding challenges.

These names could potentially be licensed at some point in the future if the brand gains a following.

(And yes, I’ve consulted with a number of x-military who agree completely on the concept)

The potential military aspect is a mental hurdle for some, but get over it and it could mean a fortune…

“Efforts to constrain new military technologies are not only doomed, but dangerous. Most weapons in themselves are not good or evil; their morality turns on the motives and purposes for the war itself. These new weapons can send a strong message without cause death or severe personal injury, and as a result can make war less, rather than more, destructive.” – Jeremy Rabkin & John Yoo: Striking Power: How Cyber, Robots, And Space Weapons Change The Rules for War

What You Get When You Order This WSO…

You may be suffering from some info overload already and I don’t want to contribute more to that so I’ve tried to keep it concise to outline and explain our strategy and how you can get involved in the marketing and distribution chain.

However, the strategy is extensive and there will be some reading and to capitalize will require you to take some action.

Introduction to Gizmowl & WOWLS Brand Strategy.

There is an entire storyline involving a train crash in Siberia and a wounded Great White Owl who gets merged with a top secret drone via lightning bolt.

When you order, you will get a link to see the video and read about the storyline along with some of our marketing strategy documents.

Then you will be on our Gizmowl A.I. inner circle*Strategy for Artificial Intelligence*newsletter to learn about how you can benefit from our various games, apps, merchandise and software if this project gets of the ground.

In addition, there is opporunity to resell our WritingGizmo software that already has over 100 enthusiastic reviews.

These are all quality products designed to help you with mission critical aspects of your business.

ThesaurusGizmo (requires Windows / Word – You can get Mac version later if needed)

This is a beta tested version of our brainstorming and writing software that has over 100 enthusiastic reviews from all sorts of writers ranging from Indian freelancers to well known 15 yr veteran copywriters.

It is one of my secret weapons for generating great ideas and getting over writer’s block and can help you mine the entire lexicon of the English language at lightning speed.

Actually it represents possibly a billion dollar efficiency at accessing the Microsoft Languge packs on millions and millions of PC’s around the world and works in multiple languages.

If you want to sell this I can give you sales materials and generate a number of licenses for you.

I’ve linked to a PDF with 50 or more testimonials and part of your task will be finding buyers.

You can keep all the money from sales of this software.

It has a few bugs that have to be worked out so part of what I’m going to do with any sales of this WSO is perfect the software – It will probably be a few weeks.

It could probably make you a couple of hundred dollars per month, at least…

It does work and real writing geeks love it but it can be hard to explain the value at times.

If you can demonstrate it and sell bulk licenses and I can generate the keys for you.


There are 2 or 3 websites where you can find out what is really in demand in technology if you are looking to build your own business and brand that capitalizes on future trends.

Masters of Mass Manipulation: Secrets of The #1 U.S. Publicist

In 1935*Time Magazine*Declared Him*’The #1 U.S. Publicist’

For students of marketing psychology – Look no further!…

Edward Bernays*was the double newphew of*Sigmund Freud*and reading my short report about him may give you some key insights to making a breakthrough in any PR for your business.

I have not heard him talked about once in any marketing product or course and he may be the most important person to study for online marketing effectiveness simply for overall PR strategies (getting attention in a crowded environment.

“Edward L. Bernays probably has more right than anyone to be called the father of modern public relations” – Sid Bernstein, Advertising Age, 1975

“A prophet to the people for the profit of his clients” – New York World Telegram

“Helped make press agentry a science” Literary Digest

“An idealist of the most profound order” The New Yorker

“The Father of Us all” Washington Post, 1984*

This report contains info an excerpts from the 4 most important books I’ve found on herd psychology*after 15 yrs in marketing.

A few of them are about Bernays and one of them is a brilliant treatise written earlier that is the basis for all studies on herd psychology.

Read these now…Before implementing marketing strategies.

One tip from these books could land you more PR than you could gain in a few years of ‘link building’…

I wish I had read these books 10yrs ago because despite the fact they were written more than 50yrs before the internet, they contain the master keys to developing catchy themes and PR ideas.

HeadlineGizmo – 1 yr access.

Ever struggle to write headlines?

“On the average, five times as many people read the headlines as read the body copy. It follows that unless your headline sells your product, you have wasted 90 percent of your (advertising) money.” – David Ogilvy

“Once you come up with the ‘hook’ for your next ad, the basic task of writing becomes a much easier process. This beats hoping for inspiration, wrestling with every word, and watching that blinking cursor mock you as you sweat over what to write next.” – Dan Kennedy

People who know say 90% of the success is in the headline – That is why for Gizmowl we focused 90% on the name of the product.

Forget content.*CONCEPT is King!

This online software can immediately help you with all of your headline writing and potentially immediately produce results.

(*The AI aspect is not added in yet – We are developing a way to make it quicker for you to find winning headlines but this will be added in over time – This is brand new).

You want cigarette money?

The Edward Bernays info and the additional books I refer you to are probably worth the price of this WSO alone, even if I only told you the titles of 4 books to read.

You’ll learn stuff like the type of tactics that made cigarettes popular with women and now rake in billions, overthrew banana republics and convinced the US to enter wars, multiple times.*

Whether ethical or not for you decide but at least you’ll be in the know.

It is simply must read info if you are looking to tap the herd mind and create any kind of marketing craze — You won’t find a more brilliant book on group psychology then one of the ones I tell you about here.*

Go For Your Share of Those Trillions That Mark Cuban and Bill Gates were talking about.

Why do I think this is a good deal for you to be involved in?

If you are watching the news, Disney has made some major mergers, in part because they have to compete with Silicon Valley tech.

There is a lot of consolidation going on because competition is brutal and technology is at the center of culture.

What is potentially so great about Gizmowl and Wowls is that they merge the themes of hi-tech and animation in a way that is relevant to current events in the world.

If you want to make it big, it is best to start with a great concept and I’ve already accomplished that part.

And believe me, it was brutal mental work.

Crafting a name like Wowls and finding the domain open was probably a lot like high level atomic science…

Except instead of finding and smashing atoms together on a subatomic level I had to find and combine pithy words out of billions of combos.

With all the talk about AI, Drones, conflict with Russia, China, Iran, North Korea etc…

You could be a part of a relevant and rebellious force of animators, coders and marketers who are working to carve out a good portion of this market.

Initial feedback has been enthusiastic, ranging from people on the streets to specialists in animation and drones.

I believe there will be a market for sort of a heroic character for this genre and if some big company like Disney or a major tech company wants to buy the character, there may be a way for you to get a piece of the buyout, depending on how much you contribute.

I mean, the real trend in technology is towards automated, robotic warfare, largely operated by people behind the scenes…

So Gizmowl is designed to be the ultimate AI drone robot that none of them can beat, at least for branding.

He’s the hero, that could be on your side in the hardcore animation competition and the technological Armageddon, working to put some of that money in your bank account and also hopefully defend you from the effects of the military industrial complex.

It’s up to you to review the concept and see if you think I’m on to something like a lot of other people do, then put your money where your mind is and place your order.

Disclaimer: There are no promises of any income from this…

Something of this magnitude may take months or even a few years to yield results.

Also, hard core tech development is serious – If you’ve read about something like the development of the iPhone, you’ll know it is not all champagne and glory…

It takes a lot of hard work but the payoff for making a major market success is potentially huge.

And you would at least have a stake in a character that a major corporation even the military might want to acquire if we build it up.

I mean if we get real – Disney did a lot of work in military propaganda, so if we are talking here as mature adults and not naive children, it ought to be noted that in reality there is a lot of crossover between animation, technology and military.


The key is bringing this straight to marketers for distribution and avoiding a board of directors who would water it down…

My reality is that I put a lot of work into the core theme and now I’m looking to draw other aggressive go-getter hi-tech marketing warriors into the plan.

Join forces with Gizmowl and Help Form The Hi-Tech Rebel Elite NOW!

He’s the drone and A.I. robot with personality you’ll love (hopefully)

After your order you’ll be redirected to a download page where you can get the*Introduction to Gizmowl AI Brand Strategy*report…

If You Are Interested Don’t hesitate – Take action now.

The memes are already starting and the first ones are pretty funny.

Within a few short weeks or a matter of months this theme could start becoming a hit with millennials who love memes (about 100% that I’ve shown are on board with the concept).

To be clear, this is not like typical bizopps – The A.I. world is so vast and largely uncharted that I need people who want to aggressively take personal initiative and go after a good chunk of these trillions.

You will have to analyze the information and look for your own slants on how to generate profits based on a solid foundation brand.

I’m confident I can put together a good AI system once we get a few dozen or so people involved – I have already developed a basic concept for making this an original and intelligent robot.

The Superintelligence Geeks Feared Is Here!

They’ve all been talking about the dangers of A.I. and they were right to be afraid.

I’m not even sure if I can control Gizmowl when he goes on a killing spree – swooping in on other brands in the depths of the night, devouring them like little bunnies and chalking up those electronic funds into your bank account.

Can you see him on mobile devices, jumping up and down, zapping things and earning you money?

It might not have been such a good idea to equip him with a concentrated 3rd eye laser.

If this multi-trillion dollar emerging A.I. sector is on your radar and you are looking for a product to rally around then don’t hesitate, order right now!

It doesn’t matter if you have no experience with AI and don’t even really know what it is.*

There are many facets of this marketing strategy that require no knowledge of coding.

Of course feel free to PM me with any ideas for collaboration or any questions.

Yes! Join Forces To Capitalize On The Multi-Trillion Dollar A.I. Future Market In Robotics With A Strategic & Well Thought Out Brand, Gizmowl!



Q: Any review copies?

A: No. It’s pay to play and there is no further need for digital Maoism. With all due respect to freebies and open source type initiatives, you’ll never make money dealing with that sort of philosophy. It is just not in line with human nature and I think I’ve outlined the basics here that will give anyone serious enough to participate an idea of the value and potential.

Q: (I’ve anticipated this question in advance): If your idea is so good, why have you not had major investment?

A: I live near Silicon Valley and participated at a Shark Tank in San Francisco.

I had a seasoned investor speak up at the end and say it was awesome but as these things go the follow up is always tough and to be honest, I DO NOT WANT VC.

Personally, and I don’t know about you…

But I started out as an artist (aspiring poet and musician) and found my way into marketing after facing the reality of the corporate world.

The point is I did not work this long independently on my artistic vision and idea to give up more than 50% of my company.

Therefore I’m bringing it to the bizopp seekers first in the hopes that I can bootstrap it and get people involved and the leanest budget possible.

Disney characters like Mickey Mouse started out modestly and are now worth billions per year.

Gizmowl encapsulates the entire trend of AI for animation in a way that none of the existing superhero characters really can.

Also, I’ve heard that the only way to get major investment now, like Google or Facebook during startup, is to promise to spy on people.

Maybe you can relate to the frustration at watching some of these companies make so much money and take so much of the market, all the time with that somewhat ominous feeling of surveillance and privacy invasion or outright theft of ideas.

Obviously it is nearly impossible to prove anything, but things I’ve worked on before have simply been poached by companies with deeper pockets.

What is different about this is that the brand names are rock solid in their own right, and any imitators will likely be second best for branding forever.

It has been speculated that many of the major tech firms today got their start with DARPA funding, or obtained government funding somewhere along the way…

So the big win is to make it big without being owned by the military or at least navigate to a market position where they will desperately want to acquire it.

That is why I worked so hard to nail the brand names with flexible and pithy brand concepts.

I believe the only way to be a part of something that big now as an work at home internet marketer near the founder level is to team up with some people who see potential in a concept and share some of your vision.

Q: What sort of team do you have?

A: We have a very talented group in branding and character design.

Gizmowl brings a combined 100yrs+ in marketing, copywriting, scriptwriting/fiction, branding and animation expertise.

We are looking for people who see opportunity and want to take leadership roles in segments such as animation, merchandising regions etc…

If you have any questions about me personally, I recommend you visit my website

I’m not a squeaky clean tech dweeb but a combo martial arts enthusiast, copywriter, and student of history & archaeology.

Gizmowl is the AI they all feared would arrive…

And you’ve already fallen under his terrible spell!

The only thing better than a unicorn in the hi-tech world is a Wowl!…

And if you order now you might beneft from not just 1 Wowl!…

But a dozen or more.

Try not to lose any sleep over this WSO.

Gizmowl & Wowl have already entered your hi-tech dreams.

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