Investing In Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Artificial Intelligence is Branding And Packaging!

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With all the talk about AI this and big data that, one begins to wonder what the future of artificial intelligence holds.

After all, without character, what is AI but a creepy looking human robot who asks if you would like a cream and sugar in your coffee.

My name is Jesse Gilbert with Brainstorm Magic Creations.

After considerable amounts of time, more than a decade working in copywriting, advertising, branding and software development, I’ve come to the conclusion that the future of AI will largely be dependent on the characters that integrate it.

Perhaps I’m a bit biased because my company has created a character and a robot called Gizmowl that I believe encompasses the theme of AI with clever branding…

But a quick search for ‘artificial intelligence’ or ‘drones’ on the top crowdfunding sites will reveal a plethora of projects…

Some delivered, some failed…But one theme I noticed in common is that some of the technologies, while brilliant, lacked interesting characters and packaging to bring the technology to life.

This is the focus of my company, creating the character ‘Gizmowl’ that can potentially serve as packaging for a number of emerging technologies, including but not limited to artificial intelligence and drones.

What does the future of AI hold?

I don’t know for sure, but I think it will be more interesting and fun with witty characters like Gizmowl who speak the wisdom of the ages and even integrate a bit of wit…

Look I gotta be honest: All this talk about big data…It’s dorked.

Little Data is cooler.

I used a very basic algorithm to discover my new brand WOWLS! and got

It’s about to be a smash hit and encompass all the packaging for the future of AI.

Big Data? Hell no. is probably less than 1kb – but it is possibly as powerful as a whole lot of big data combined.

After all, no matter what is produced in AI and robotics, they are all going to want ways to sell it to 3rd graders and that means super-simple keep it simple stupid KISS awesome phenomenal branding and packaging.

Wowls! got it. Hello Kitty, Mickey and Pokemon don’t have anything on Wowls! Actually for the theme of smart robots, Wowls will probably never be beat from a brand standpoint.

So if you want to invest in something, chew on that.

The estimated market for AI and robotics by 2025 is a 33 trillion per year market impact.

Yes, per year.

A fraction of that is a whole lot of money and if any brand name concept has the wings to be a market leader here, starting a worldwide super-craze, it is the WOWLS!

These little Wolf-Owl birds will sell like hotcakes in Asia.

Watch out Hello Kitty. Move over Pokemon. Mickey best step off before he gets made into an owl pellet by just one Wowl.

I mean even Disney has to compete with Silicon Valley as evidenced by their recent mergers, and a really, really good animated character theme for the future theme of robotics are WOWLS and their father, Gizmowl.

The point is, human brains can do things computers never can – like brainstorm and link words.

Rather than some of the more dry robotics we commonly see pictures of.

The future is actually the past in some ways…

The artificial intelligence products that lead the way will find the most success with a focus on character building and branding techniques that built brand names before the internet was born.

Bet on it.

Jesse Gilbert is a Thermonuclear Copywriter and Branding Specialist angling for the lead spot in the future AI and robotics market. The idea is a personal mechanical manager in the embodiment of a miniature owl robot with major personality and ease of use.

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