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SoftwareSongwriter for Hire (And Samples of My Music)

“Jesse’s lyrics skills are great. Right in line with what I’m trying to communicate. He can produce them quickly and give variations. If you are looking for a songwriter, look no further.”
J. Johnson

Just a quick post for anyone looking for a songwriter.

Software by Jesse Gilbert
This software has a brainstorming feature for lyrics that songwriter love – By Jesse Gilbert

I developed my own wordsmithing software. What ThesaurusGizmo does is allow for warp-speed brainstorming of words based on up to 10 topics.

Then I can generate rhymes for those words.

All with checkbox features.

This makes for very possibly the best lyrics software ever invented.

I’m already a great songwriter – I wrote poetry in college and have studied the greats like Jim Morrison and the R&B singers of the 90’s.

I can put togther great lyrics quickly.

It is not full time work but if you are looking for a songwriting gig to hire feel free to contact me.

I will use my own wordsmithing tools I created and craft some great rhymes.

Below are some samples of beats I mixed.