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Shabree Jemmott // August 17, 2015 at 1:35 pm //

I have been using Brainstorm Pro for a while now, in a short time it has become my single most important tool. In your brain there is a wealth of words, but after writing for six hours sometimes they tend to get lost. With Brainstorm Pro, you don’t have to worry when the words get lost in your head, this tool is amazing! I have used countless other apps to help me, but this is by far the best, being able to copy the word directly into my text is a great feature, I changed the font in Brainstorm to match the font that I am typing in so that makes everything uniformed when I paste my words in. The built in tools and writing templates are awesome too, sometimes I get asked to write stuff that I’m not at all familiar with, the templates really help me by giving me an idea of how the document should look, it really adds to the professional look of my end product. I think this is a great program; the versatility of it never seems to end.

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