Video Game Design

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Jesse Gilbert does video game narrative design.

The Gizmowls game is an original game about owls with hypersonic booster packs and a 3rd eye laser.

The owls are part of a military experiment gone awry involving artificial intelligence, drones and synthetic biotechnology.

It makes for a really good epice about relevant topics in the highest realms of technology.

The details are confidential at the moment, but it is an awesome narrative that taps into the latest trends in artificial intelligence and drones.

The Gizmowl game puts the latest technology in the context of current international conflicts and competitions to make for an outsiding and relevant game.

If you are keeping on on cyber warfare and drones, you’ll love Gizmowl!

Gizmowl is designed to be the ‘Genghis Khan White Owl Drone’ – A regional powerhouse brand for the contentious far east.

Some of it is satire and lends itself to memes – The reality is the actual drone is still in development and may never be competitive…

But for the video game, Gizmowl is a sueprstar drone battling it out in cyber WW3.

Be in contact with Jesse today to be the first to hear when the video game is released.

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